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Not All Men Are Men
Thursday, March 28, 2019 | hannah_g
If I were a journalist, I might begin this piece so: “Davis Plett (23) a petit blonde in a pink two-piece with wide, gold, metal choker, black stilettos, and glasses, began their performance in the midst of a rapt audience. Seated in a large 1980’s office chair (emphasizing their build), Plett operated an overhead projector/laptop hybrid in silence as acetate after acetate, and digital screen after screen of text and image rolled over the fabric of the old projection screen … ” The visual description of the subject, once common in tabloids, directs the reader towards assumptions about intelligence, intention, personality, social standing, and availability. A female-identified body in a public role was regarded as an available body. This still holds true. With simultaneously greater subtlety and absolute brazenness, female,...