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Mutant 1 Dew 3, 4, 5: in conversation with Cookie Brunel
Friday, March 22, 2019 | Brennan Kelly
I first met Cookie Brunel in the summer of 2009. That year’s iteration of Sled Island Festival was about to begin and there was some sort of event—the details of which I can’t quite recall—taking place at Olympic Plaza in downtown Calgary. I had just finished a gig poster for a show Cookie’s band, Puberty, was scheduled to play, and so when a mutual friend introduced us that evening we talked a bit about drawing and music. At the end of summer, I moved to Montreal with some friends and a few months later, Cookie and their bandmates crashed at our place while on tour. Over the next ten years, Cookie and I kept in loose contact over social media, but I wouldn’t see them again until a surprise encounter...