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Conceptual Romance: a conversation with Rachael Thorleifson
Wednesday, February 1, 2017 | Luther Konadu | Robyn Adams
Part way through the second verse in that Jenny Hval track, we hear her declare to a partner in a very matter-of-fact way:  "My heartbreak is too sentimental for you" and as she does her voice soars upward and at once, we are in the middle of her cry. She brings us in the middle of a cascading end of what sounds like a relationship or her actual life or perhaps both. "I'm high, high on madness/These are my combined failures/I understand infatuation, rejection/ They can connect and become everything, everything that's torn up in your life." In different contexts these same exertions Hval makes can sound needlessly grandiose if not hifalutin. And yet, it seems like the only way to utter what is being felt in that moment. Winnipeg...