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Wait a sec., What is an Emerging Artist anyway?
Friday, April 8, 2016 | Luther Konadu


What does it mean to be "Emerging" as an artist/creator?


-Does it have to do with someone in their twenties?


-Someone younger maybe?


-Someone alive?


-Does it count if they are dead?


-If they are seventy?


-If they are have had at least three solo shows in multiple galleries?


-If they’ve just got out of their mfa?


-Or even their bfa?


-Does it have something to do with the art market?


-Are they a art market darling?


-Does it count if their work has been collected by a gallery and museum or maybe a private collector?


-Are they responsive to a hot new medium?


-Are they 'cutting some edges' in a new or old medium?


-Are they tapping into some rigorous conceptual work?


-Are they responding to the 'times'?


-Have they been circulated around in art fairs?


-Art Basel maybe?


-Does it count if they are represented by a gallery or two?


-If they’ve got a 'good amount' of mentions and talk in blogs and art magazines?


-Is it someone who have been showing on and off for about 10years?