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Studio Visit: Madeline Rae





We caught up with artist Madeline Rae during her stay at Ace Art's Cartae Open School residency which Rae completed along with four other resident creatives earlier this summer. The seven month independent learning program allows for creatives working from distinct directions of interests to share and produce work in a single environment and subsequently exhibit their work at the end of the program. In the below conversation, we speak to Rae on her keen pursuit for working through film photography, her interest in performance, and video as way of working through ideas of sensuality and intimacy.



Madeline Rae works predominantly with film photography, video, and performance. Her work tends to explore sensuality and all of its facets—different pronounced moments you might face in life whether it being grief, extreme amounts of joy. For me, it seems she looks into how sensuality can be a tool to work through these moments in life. She often uses herself along with others in the work. —Talia Shaaked​