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Studio Visit: Hannah Doucet




Half way through our conversation with artist Hannah Doucet she suggests we take a quick pause. “Wait, I kind of want a beer, does anyone want one? I feel like I’m getting very warm because I’m talking about myself too much and that makes me uncomfortable” she modestly offers. Doucet’s self-deprecating tendencies are readily apparent throughout our visit to her work studio. “Sorry, but I’m getting ready for a show now so my studio is kind of a mess and it starting to get into John’s[studio-mate] space” she apologizes as we arrive at her studio. When she’s not facilitating workshops at Art City, a local community art center, she shares her charming studio with her friend and housemate where she spends majority of her time working away on new projects in her practice. The Winnipeg-based artist’s work predominately engages with photography and it’s inherent inaccuracy as a tool for representation. But that simplifies it. Doucet’s explorations reaches into video, textiles, sculpture, and touches of performative processes. At the time of our visit, Doucet just shipped work off for an group show at Toronto’s Gallery 44 and was in the middle of compiling pieces for an upcoming solo show at The New Gallery in Calgary. She made some time for us to speak about her new work, what it is like to create self-directed works after being out of the guidance art school, and how important it is to surround yourself with great friends and fellow artists.


Doucet's studio. Photo Contribution by Adam Kelly


 Doucet's studio. Photo Contribution by Adam Kelly