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Parking Lot: Michael Mogatas




Parking Lot is our lax interview series where we get to really know a creative. We get to learn about what they've been up to creatively, some random facts about them, some telling ones, and just about anything else that comes up. In this instalment, we speak with the amiable Michael Mogatas. We had the pleasure of talking with Mogatas about his most recent one person show, his ambivalent relationship with images as an image maker, what his ideal breakfast is on Tuesdays, and where some of his earliest creative impulses came from. 



Luther Konadu: Do you typically work from home? 


Michael Mogatas: Yeah for the past year or so I have been working from 2 room apartment that I share with my girlfriend. We are both artists so some weeks if we're both working on projects it can look like a bomb went off in every room. We used to have studios at Frame and we also ran C SPACE so both of us kind of miss having so much space that we can use at anytime. We are getting a new studio in the fall though so that's going to be exciting. As a student I strictly did all my work at school, a lot of late nights, almost everyday especially in my honour year. I was primarily painting back then and on big canvases so I had no choice and I wouldn't have it any other way to be honest. 




LK: How important is it for you to have a designated space for making work? Is it important for your art practice? 


MM: I have a room turned into a studio in my apartment. Having a studio space will always be important if you need it for your art practice. It's also important to have space in your head to constantly think about art as well. 


LK: How do you stay focused on making self directed creative work being outside of the protection of school..


MM: I constantly think about art and new ideas. My art practise is probably 75% thinking and 25% studio time.