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Parking Lot: Katrina Mendoza




Parking Lot is our lax interview series where we get to really know a creative. We get to learn about their current work, some random facts about them, some telling ones too, and just about anything else that comes up. In our second edition, we speak with creative, Katrina Mendoza. Mendoza is sort of in between places--making choices, feeling creatively directionless, figuring things out as someone out of art school with a strong inclination to create but also someone questioning why she creates, what makes her excited to create, and if it's worth making work that benefits just her while disregarding the world around her. It was especially exciting to speak with Mendoza about such seemingly micro matters that in fact become major ones as you find yourself between paths as a creative. Our chat circled around those talking points and other random facts about Mendoza including cloning, karaoke, Winnipeg's Portage Place mall, and Devonté Hynes. 


Photo Contribution by Laina Brown 


Public Parking: What kind of a kid were you growing up? 

Katrina Mendoza: Very shy. I also just didn't feel like talking to people that much. I would go to parties with either a book to read or paper to draw on alone. I loved watching nature documentaries and anime. I just liked being by myself. Introversion runs in the family.


PP: What were your parents like with you when growing up? 

KM: I am an only child spoiled by the attention of my parents but not spoiled materially. I went to Catholic schools and always wore home-made uniforms that looked different from everyone else's. I had an N64 but I never owned a video game.