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3rd Kamias Triennial
Monday, February 3, 2020 | Public Parking Staff

We are very excited to be bringing you some coverage of the 3rd Kamias Triennial from Quezon City, in the Philippines. Beginning February 7th through 22nd, the third edition of the triennial will unite a breadth of international and local artists in a series of exhibitions, performances, screenings and workshops across multiple venues in the city. Under the title of “Sawsawan: Conversations in the Dirty Kitchen”, this iteration of the triennial as the organizers and curators describe, “foregrounds [an] intention to gather [in a space] where we can engage in messy, complex and nourishing conversation generated by the many voices of our artists and audiences.”

Please check back in as our local Quezon City correspondent brings us some highlights occurring throughout the two-week festival. We will also bring you our conversation with the curators of the festival: Patrick Cruz, Su-Ying Lee and Allison Collins.

Inaugurated in 2014, the Kamias Triennial positions the domestic scale, both architecturally and as an ethos, as a space for contributing to contemporary cultural production where being, thinking and making together carry the same weight as exhibiting and viewing. The Triennial is produced by the Kamias Special Projects Collective--our acronym KSP references a Tagalog language abbreviation, which translates as “kulang sa pansin” meaning lack of attention. This deliberate citation refers to the nuanced, but urgent and pressing need to spend time with the overlooked problems and challenges that we face as cultural producers and consumers. As implied by the state of “lacking attention”, rather than turning our attention towards replicating the mainstream art-world we are attentive to creative and intellectual work realized through lateral dialogues across cultures, open-ended community practices, and experimental curatorial strategies on an intimate scale.


This year's participating artists include:

Lesley-Anne Cao (PH), Fabiola Carranza (CA/CR/USA), Marcos Castro (MX), Raven Chacon (USA), Gabi Dao (CA), Elisa Ferrari (CA/IT), FASTWÜRMS (CA), Carolina Fusilier (AR/MX), Cristóbal Gracia (MX), Maharlika (Catalina Africa, Zeus Bascon, Tanya Villanueva) (PH), Miko Revereza (PH), Issay Rodriguez (PH), Scott Rogers (CA/UK), Sarah Rose (NZ/UK), Carolina Magis Weinberg (MX), Prras! collective (Nelly César & Tamara Ibarra) with Colectivo Amasijo (Martina Manterola Serra & Cecilia Castro) (MX), Jacobo Zambrano (VE)

Location: Venues across Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Check out the schedule for this year's events and activities throughout the two weeks here.