Public Parking
A journal for storytelling, arguments, and discovery through tangential conversations.
The concurrent presence of multiple: a conversation with Evan Ifekoya
Friday, June 29, 2018 | Luther Konadu | Mielen Remmert
From the outset, dissonance has appeared as a recurring preamble in  Evan Ifekoya's practice. It has moved uninhibitedly through their work with a delicate yet acute handle. Ifekoya combines the sharp with the fragile until they dissolve into an amorphous third other. Whether it be their former archival magazine collage work, or their innocuous actions in front of a camera, such as combing their own hair, kneading, dancing or rapping ineptly but confidently about the conception of gender, Ifekoya playfully complicates the relationship between their body and how images contain it. Not just how images inherently essentialize narratives surrounding the body, but also those images others imagine and project. As Ifekoya's work has continued to progress, their individual body has become limited grounds for exploration. Instead, they tell me about...
"Mediation is our bread and butter" : in conversation with Máire Witt O'Neill
Monday, December 11, 2017 | Luther Konadu | Mielen Remmert
For Máire Witt O'Neill, generating personas is akin to summoning something unconscious within herself. She compares this to performing an exorcism. This process is in many ways an act of critique and scrutiny but it's in no way combative. She mines her own amalgamated overwrought emotional and social exchanges to build characters that are often conflicting, contradictory, and hard to pin down. Given that our everyday interactions are often through intermediaries, be it implicit or otherwise, O'Neill theorizes this as a destabilizer for ideas of "truth". In turn, it allows for a slippage of the good and the bad and as she describes in our conversation, "a "groundlessness". O'Neill uses this space of instability as a means to trouble authority inherent within reality. She does this independently and collaboratively by...
Off: In conversation with Erica Eyres
Tuesday, November 21, 2017 | Luther Konadu | Mielen Remmert
In a lot of ways, Erica Eyres’ primary medium has always been herself, in the most discursive and far-reaching way possible. For the better part of two decades, Eyres has amassed a wealth of work tapping into the fabric of her life and fantasies to irreverent and at times unnerving effect. Eyres has always flourished in the idea of failure. Or rather, she always seems to eschew consensus of the norm.  She engages this idea of failure as a banal occurrence. And she does this through hyperbole, bizarro conceits, and seriocomedy.  In doing so, Eyres reveals her own disquieting vulnerability. You can’t help but giggle with nervous recognition at her more recent videos like Clay Head or Pool of Blood or even CPR Conference, where one of her characters has...